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For the past thirty years, JGR Copa has been a leading manufacturer of beach, pool and outdoor accessories. Founded in 1987, we made our mark on the US beaches by introducing an original Brazilian-style lounge chair. Since then, our family-owned business has expanded to servicing customers across the country, while holding true to our heritage and principles that have guided us since day one. Today, we proudly offer hundreds of new products crafted with the value and integrity our customers count on.


While we continue to evolve, our talented design team stays inspired by emerging trends and classic styles to create original and iconic products. Our savvy development team works with over a dozen manufacturers to ensure the textiles and materials we source are of the highest quality and true to the vision of our products especially our distinctive beach chairs, crafted at the same manufacturer for over 25 years. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our manufacturers, our clients, and the customers who count on the JGR Copa brand for every visit to the beach.


With decades of experience, our graphic arts team is always assessing trends to maintain our leadership in design. Inspired by our own families’ outings and our passion for the outdoors and ocean sports, we’re especially proud of this year’s collection featuring fresh styles and bright colors­. We can’t wait to see which products you love, too.